Writers Automated Social Media Recipe On Caffeine

In the first article, I discussed with you the importance of being established online by setting up a personal blog or website and publishing articles on a variety of residual website. Once you are done with those essential tasks, I urge you to take a break from your writing career for a couple days and focus on the remaining essential ingredients and steps in the automated writers social media recipe.

You may be like me, thinking that once you have some articles published you can just post a link of Facebook or twitter once in a while to improve your page views. This is not wasted effort. However, over time it will become wasted effort if you do not perform the several key steps listed below. I urge you to move on and learn the fine art of selling your work automatically to both live human readers and automated search engines bots.

To continue the recipe you will need:

  • Feed Burner Account
  • Twitter Feed Account
  • Hello.txt account
  • Twitter Account
  • Facebook account
  • My Blog Log account

5 to 10 additional networks:

  • Linkedin
  • Hi5
  • Delicious
  • Hictu
  • Friendfeed
  • Identi
  • Blogger or word press feed blog
  • Multiply
  • Or any of the 50+ networks it is compatible with

Feed Burner: Don’t Wait on the Bots to find You

The search engine bots are content with taking their time, even though the nerds at Google tried to serve them coffee and caffeine supplements. Don’t wait for the bots to get around to finding your links, go knock on their door and offer them candy. You could spend your precious time and do this one link at a time by going to the search engine and entering your link and pertinent information, STOP.

Why waste the time when Feed Burner will happily do this for you for free. Simply enter your RSS feed for articles on each site you publish on and any blogs you contribute towards and take them over to Feedburner. Then carefully set up your feed burner account as per the instructions in this article.

The RSS feed for your articles on any website is usually found either on your profile page or by going to the list page of your articles and looking in the address box on your favorite search engine. Once you are set up, take this Feedburner feed for each site and move on to our next step.

TwitterFeed: The Birds nest of Functionality Aps

Twitter feed is a great place for more than simply plugging your RSS feeds into twitter. I hope that by now you have a twitter account, if not go set one up and book mark this article to return to when you are done. Then go and set up an account with hello.txt and find the API number and then come back to this article again to finish this recipe.

Social Media Recipe On Caffeine

Okay, I see that you are back, nice job. Hopefully you have had fun setting up both of those accounts and enjoyed yourself while setting background images and bio blurbs. Now that you are back, lets get stated. Plug your hello.txt number into Twitterfeed and set up all the twitter feed bells and whistles just how you like them.

Hello.txt The Next Step Towards Freedom

Now that your RSS feeds are on Feedburner and your Feedburner RSS feeds are on Twitterfeed and your Twitterfeed is connected to Hello.txt its time to move onto the great glorious social media plug in known as Hello.txt. There are others out there such as Ping.fm, but none of them are compatible with Twitterfeed at this time. Why do I want you to work with Hello.txt?

For starters, Hello.txt works with Twitterfeed and into Hello.txt you can plug in 50+ other social media sites. So every time you publish an article a link to it is sent to Feedburner who tells the search engine to get back to work, and Feedburner tells Twitterfeed to tell hello.txt to publish this link on all your other social networks. Why use Twitterfeed, why not cut the middle man? Well hello.txt does not take RSS feed directly yet, they will only take them through another social media product such as twitter feed and twitterfeed is automated. Nuff said.

Here is what I want you to do next, set up accounts at all the social media sites that twinkle your fancy which are listed on the Hello.txt website. Go ahead, don’t be shy. Fill out the bios and blurbs and link your website to them and even make friends if you like,. The more social sites, the merrier. When you are done come back to hello.txt and link your new social sites to jhello.txt.

Done deal, you are now automated and you can sit back and write to your hearts content without worrying about doing much of any social marketing. This doesn’t mean you can neglect your social networks. Pop into them whenever you feel like it and follow people who interest you, make friends, and do the other fun stuff those sites have set out for you. As a bonus, anytime you find articles or website that make you happy or you want to share, you can simply go to your Hello.txt account and share them. Hello.txt is like Facebook and twitter wrapped into one and you can receive updates from both of those sites right on your hello.txt homepage, so you wont miss out if you spend your time on hello.txt.

One final Note: MyBlog Log

Don’t stop your social media flittering there, go ahead and set up accounts at MyBlogLog, a Yahoo based service. Tie your other social media accounts into this. The benefit of using MyBlogLog is that, unlike Feedburner who pings the Google search engine, MyBlogLog pings the yahoo search engine for you. So you hit both media birds and get both of them off their candy guzzling butts to hurry up and index your articles faster.