How to Make Money Writing for Constant Content

Constant Content (CC) gives writers a place to show off their writing for sale. Writers will submit their articles, and if accepted, the work will sit in their portfolio. Buyers can then browse different categories and if they like your articles, they can purchase in one of three ways. In this article, you will learn how to earn money writing for Constant Content

Applying to Constant Content

When writers sign up to Constant Content, they will give all of the regular information such as name, address and phone number. They can also choose a pen name if they do not want to post their real names on their work. After the application, all applicants will have to take a short quiz.

Submitting Articles

If you do not have good or perfect grammar, you should not waste your time with Constant Content. Every article is reviewed by a team of editors and if you receive three back to back article rejections, you will be banned from writing for CC. Submitted articles should be free of errors, and they cannot contain link or the address of a website.

When you submit an article, you will have to write a fresh summary and you will have to post one third of the article so that buyers can decide if they want to buy it or not. Some people will often post their entire article to the website, but this can backfire if someone steals your entire article and posts it online. When you are finished article information, you will have to upload a .txt, .doc, or .rtf file that contains your entire article.

Article Rights

Buyers can purchase your articles under three different license types.

Usage Rights: Buyers can use this article on their websites/blogs but they cannot make changes to the article, and they have to leave the name and bio of the real author. This article is usually priced low because multiple buyers can purchase the same article.

Unique Rights: When buyers purchase this article, it will be removed from the Constant Content website, so that no one else can use it. However, the buyer still has to leave the author bio intact and they cannot make changes to the article.

Full Rights: These types of articles are usually priced higher because the buyer will get a fresh article that has not been used on any other websites, and they can remove the author bio and add their own name as the writer, and they can change and edit the article as they see fit.

Client Requests

Writers are free to create articles on any topic, but they can also check to see requests that have been made by potential buyers. In many cases, multiple authors will write and submit an article to the meet the request, and sometimes the buyer will purchase the article, and other times they will not. If a buyer does not choose your article, don’t stress about it. Many articles that were written by request, are often bought days, weeks, or even months later, by someone else.

Review and Review Times

Compared to other websites that pay people to work at home writing online, Constant Content offers fast review times. A submitted article can be accepted or rejected in a matter of hours to a short few days. You will not have to wait weeks for the results.

Constant Content Accepted Article Types

At Constant Content, writers can submit almost anything that they desire. They do not have to choose from a list of preselected topics. This means that they have less restriction than other websites. The works that they will not accept are poetry, opinion pieces, fiction or promotional content. Constant Content does accept how to, and product or media reviews.

Constant Content Article Pricing

At Constant Content, the amount of money you make is up to you. For instance, at Demand Studios, writers can create articles worth $5, $7.50 or $15 and upwards of $30 if they write for special sections of the website. However, there are no set pricing on CC. You will select what you would like to be paid for each article you write.

Always remember to factor in the 35% commission that Constant Content charges for each sold article. The lowest price that a writer can set is $7. I don’t think any writer should offer their work for that low price. If you don’t think your article is worth it, the buyers will agree. Article pricing depends on quality and word count. Some writers have sold articles for well over $100.

Constant Content Payment, Pay Date and Fees

Constant Content takes a commission of 35%, so you should factor this amount into your article prices. To get paid, a writer will need to earn at least $5 for that pay cycle. Writers will receive payment during the first week of every month and they have two payment choices. Payments are generally made through Paypal, but if a writer earns more than $500, they can choose to receive a wire transfer into their bank account.